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Commerce Sites
Last checked 6/15/2016

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  • Company Helpdesk Phone Numbers4 out of 5 - GetHuman helps you get through the phone tangle at the help desk of various companies and get in touch directly with someone who can help.
  • No Phone Trees Like GetHuman, above, the site helps you get around phone trees when trying to get service.
  • How to Talk to a Live Person is an article in PCMagazine that includes phone numbers for service departments for companies like Amazon, Walmart, Verizon, etc. Article is dated 12/2013.
  • Caller Complaints If you are getting unsolicited calls from companies that don't identify themselves, you can enter their phone number and see what information this site has on them.

  • Currency Converter - helps if you need to know what the exchange rate is for pounds to euros to dollars.
  • Bizrate rates e-commerce sites in various categories. Visit this site before you shop.
  • Shopper Beware Electronic Privacy Information Center's report on how e-commerce vendors are collecting information on you as you shop.
  • Reseller Ratings has user evaluations of online computer hardware vendors.
  • Safe Shopper has tips on how to make your online shopping experience safer.
  • Fraud Tips
  • Consumer Web Watch - from the Consumer Reports folks, the site evaluates commerce sites' reliability and credibility.
  • The Consumerist4 out of 5 - is a pro-consumer site with reviews, news, advice, how-to's, etc.
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has a public database of complaints from the public about financial institutions.
  • MissingMoney searches for any unclaimed funds that might belong to you.
  • Pennsylvania Unclaimed Property is sponsored by the PA Treasury.
  • The Frugal Panda - has a list of sites that specialize in frugality - how to save on purchases, what to buy, specials, etc.
  • Clark Howard has a great blog with podcasts and much advice on a variety of consumer and financial topics.
  • Gazelle makes an offer for used tech toys like MP3 players or portable hard drives Enter the product and condition and the site gives you an offer. And a box in which to send it back them.
  • Electronics Recycling Guide is a list of companies with a description of their recycling policies and procedures.


  • Fakespot rates the user reviews of products on Amazon. You enter the URL of the product on Amazon and the site analyzes the reviews. It awards the product reviews a letter grade from A to F based on its algorithm and there is a pretty good explanation of the rating after the analysis.
  • Respond.com4 out of 5 You tell them what you are looking for and they send your request out to a bunch of sellers who will contact you. Very good service.
  • Shopzilla is a mall site. You can get comparison pricing, reviews, etc.
  • Google Product Search is a beta project that helps you find products on the Web.
  • Google Shopping searches the Web for products and shows comparative pricing.
  • is a mall site. You can get comparison pricing, reviews, etc.
  • PriceRunner does comparison shopping to find you the best prices on the Web.
  • PriceGrabber does comparison shopping to find you the best prices on the Web.
  • does comparison shopping to find you the best prices on the Web.
  • FatWallet Forums - newly discovered deals in a forum style environment.
  • SlickDeals Forums
  • Buzzillions - shopping site with user reviews built in.
  • Infomercials has links to all that good stuff sold on TV.
  • SpaceShots for Sale " have the opportunity to enjoy an astronaut's view of our world. Spectacular, brilliant satellite images taken from 450 miles up in space. These poster size digital images are out of this world..." .
  • TicketMaster where you can order tickets for concerts and sports events.
  • UPS allows you to track your shipments.
  • America's Charities is a federation of non-profit, charitable organizations. Charitable giving is an important facet of American life, more than anywhere else in the world. This site details charitable organizations and workplace-giving campaigns.
  • Liberty Village Premium Outlets in Flemington, NJ.
  • TraderOnline is classified ads divided into 10 to 12 categories.
  • Farmer's Market Online tries to pattern itself after a farmer's market.
  • Consumer Reports - not much for free here. They also have some blogs.
  • Netmarket4 out of 5 - variety of products, well designed site, good prices
  • DrugStore Buy everything you need online.
  • Unclaimed Baggage where you can buy the lost shoes of others.
  • Custom Jigsaw Puzzles from your photograph.
  • SmartHome has electronic gadgets for the home.
  • Improvements for things around the house and garden.
  • - you enter your make and model and you can buy parts for your car (as well as accessories).
  • Underwriters Labs Database of certified electrical products and the companies that make them.
  • Eathan Allen furniture.
  • SalesCircular shows sales that are going on at local brick and mortar stores. You select the product category and state.
  • iOffer - you post the price that you're willing to pay for a specific product and sellers start bidding for your bucks.
  • Edmund Scientific has geeky scientific products but also has cool stuff to tinker with.
  • ThinkGeek has cool stuff for your geeky side and for thinking kids.
  • The Science Company sells science stuff like weather stations.
  • Christmas Place sells nothing but Christmas decorations.
  • The Unemployed Philospher's Guild sells stuff like Freudian Slippers and the fabulous Light-Up Starry Night Pillow.
  • TravelSmith sells bags, gadgets, and clothing for the traveler.
  • Johnson Smith Co. - has a small collection of sites that sell gadgets and unusual gifts.
  • Dealtime will find the book, music, or movie you want and compare prices, including shipping, at a bunch of online stores.
  • Gift Certificates sells gift certificates for about 200 big name stores and restaurants. You buy 'super certificates' that the receiver can then trade in for a certificate for a specific merchant. Small charge for service.
  • Give Anything sells gift certificates for about 200 big name stores and restaurants. You buy 'super certificates' that the receiver can then trade in for a certificate for a specific merchant. Small charge for service.
  • Craig's List is a mish-mash of stuff for sale, job postings, services offered, etc. Separate listings for a small number of metro areas.
  • Minimus sells small size stuff like samples and travel size stuff.
  • Archie McPhee sells ... well ... librarian action figures, meat air freshener, windup hopping lederhosen, etc.
  • Uncrate - a shopping blog for men who like to buy 'stuff'.
  • Outblush - a shopping blog for women who like to buy 'stuff'.
  • Mighty Goods - displays 'stuff' that you can buy on the Web. Mostly cool, but useless, stuff.


  • Amazon Books5 stars has books for sale, short interviews with authors, books in the news, etc. They will send you e-mail notification when your favorite author publishes or a book about your favorite subject is published. Best of the big three book sites.
  • Barnes & Noble Books4 out of 5 Their prices are not as good as Amazon's but they seem to have a larger, if not different, inventory.
  • Powell's Books5 stars is big and cheap - maybe bigger and cheaper than Amazon.
  • Alternative Book Outlets is an article about a few book outlets other than Amazon.
  • Book Outlet has gotten good reviews and sells books cheap.
  • Booksontape
  • Que Books - technical books.
  • AddAll searches for book prices in thiry online book stores.
  • AllBookStores does an excellent job of searching for book prices in online book stores.
  • Audible.com4 out of 5 is a large site handling books on tape.
  • Book Finder finds books for sale on the Web.
  • Strand Bookstore - new and used books for sale.
  • Abebooks - New and used books along with reader reviews. The site has a search feature that finds books at other sellers and compares prices although the results have a lot of hits that are duplicates or are just not useful.
  • 10 Best Sites for Trading Books and CDs is an article on the Make Use Of site.
  • Title Trader allows you to trade books and other stuff with others. Not sure if the system works since you have to send your stuff to someone else before you get credit for it on the site.
  • Computer Stuff:

  • New Egg sells mostly computers and parts but also sells other electronics.
  • Tiger Direct sells mostly computers and parts but also sells other electronics.
  • PC Connection has gotten good reviews, recently. It has a good wizard to help you buy memory. Prices tend to be comparatively high.
  • PC Mall (don't buy anything without a manufacturer's guarantee or PC Mall will not accept returns.)
  • Computer Discount Warehouse
  • Gateway Computer
  • Toshiba Computers
  • Fry's sells computer products as well as other unrelated mechandise.
  • Comp-U-Plus has very good prices for hardware and software.
  • has a nice collection of reviews linked to stores where you can purchase the products.
  • Monoprice - electronics, computer and peripheral equipment
  • Furniture Online has computer furniture.
  • Reviews has links to reviews of computers by brand name.
  • Cyber Guys sell all kinds of computer parts.
  • J&N Computer Service sells parts, CPU/motherboard bundles, etc.
  • reviews motherboards.
  • PC Power and Cooling sells power supplies and cooling fans.
  • PCWorld Price Grabber searches the Web for specific equipment and gives comparative prices.
  • Monarch Computer sells computer parts including motherboard/CPU bundles.
  • Guru3d reviews video cards and has some troubleshooting information.
  • Everything USB sells stuff that you can attach to your computer via its USB ports.

    Computing Deals:

  • TechBargains4 out of 5 - great site for computer related bargains on the Web - coupons, percentage discounts, free shipping, etc.
  • Dealsplus is a collection of current deals on tech goodies and computer equipment. The layout is not as good as TechBargains so it takes longer to find anything..
  • Software Voucher finds coupons and discount codes for software.
  • Popdeal aggregates the hot deals from various sites that aggregate these deals.
  • AntiRebate - has discounted stuff that doesn't require use of a rebate. Mostly electronic stuff.
  • lists current bargains - mostly computer related.
  • TechForLess has a rapidly changing inventory but the prices are worth checking out.

Sales: (moved)

Bargains: (moved)


  • CatalogCity is dedicated to catalogs. It has a large index and has samples of the actual catalog so you can see what it looks like.
  • Catalogs is dedicated to catalogs.
  • CatalogMonster is dedicated to catalogs.
  • iVillage has items from various catalogs in many categories with links to the catalog site.

Coupons and Savings: (moved)

Auction Sites

  • eBay4 out of 5 is the largest and includes a person-to-person auction.
  • GetItNext4 out of 5 - is a very nice eBay front-end that makes it easier to use eBay.
  • Last Minute Auction - eBay auctions with less than an hour to go.
  • Priceline Bid on airline tickets, groceries, gasoline, loans, etc.
  • BidNAsk is another auction style sales site.
Specific Companies
Credit Cards

  • The Bank Rate shows you credit card rates at various institutions and has a search engine to help you find one that meets your criteria.
  • The Credit Info Center has information about credit cards in general. Also, has a search engine for credit cards and rates plus news on credit unions, credit companies, etc. It also has best credit cards with frequent flier miles, best with rebates, best platinum, etc.
  • The ABC Guides has various information on credit cards.
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express

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