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Photography Sites
Last checked 7/8/2013

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Forums and Blogs
Services and Commercial Stuff
  • New York Camera and Video has a wide selection of cameras, camcorders, and other optics. Deals in used equipment, also.
  • Camera World - large inventory.
  • Calumet Photo - large inventory, rather high prices.
  • OpTech sells bin, scope, and camera cases.
  • Ritz Camera
  • Adorama has camera equipment and film with a simple search facility. (Also, they tell you how much shipping will be as soon as you select an item rather than after you enter all of your credit card and address information. Thank you.
  • B&H requires minimum quantity of 10 in film orders.
  • Sigma
  • Camera World
  • Wolf Cameras
  • PhotoSolve has unusual accessories like viewing hoods and lens adapters. Very useful digital photo stuff.
  • Jumbogiant sells jumbo prints of your digital pictures.
  • Mediachance has a collection of digital imaging software tools that you can purchase.
  • Pictopia - get very good, very big blowups of your digital pics.
  • El-Co Color Labs prints large photos.
  • Online Photo Printing Services is a comparison of services made by PC Magazine.
  • Online Photo Editing Services is a 2018 review of 5 sites that help you do simple edits to photos like adding background or text or blurring private areas.
  • PhotoWipe gets rid of unwanted material in photos and uncovers what is beneath/behind
  • Dotphoto is a photo printing service.
  • Smugmug - photo printing service and gifts (mugs, tiles, puzzles, shirts, etc.) with your pictures on them. Site hosts your gallery with unlimited space at a number of subscription rates.
  • Photoworks - share photos on the Web. Also sells photo printing services and gifts with your photos on them.
  • FamilyPost - is a free photo sharing service that includes password protection.
  • Picaboo - is a client/server app. You need to download some software and then you use it to design cards and photobooks that are produced by the service and sent to you.
  • MyPublisher - requires that download some software that helps you design photo scrapbooks. They print and send them to after you pay.
  • Tabblo - allows you to share photos, create photo books, posters, etc. You can have them print it or you can print it yourself at your own computer.
  • Shutterfly - photo sharing and storage, photo printing service, photo books and gifts.
  • PhotoOnWeb - is an online service hosting your photographs. The client software creates the upload and their server is used to host your photos. They give you a URL to send to others to whom you want to show your pictures.
  • Dumpr lets you play with pretty advanced special effects on pictures that you upload to their site.
  • One-Click Websites That Make Your Photos Look Better This article describes 5 free Websites that will improve a photo.
  • Review of Web Based Photo Editors
  • Review of Web Based Photo Printing Services
  • SD Card Formatter is freeware that supposedly formats your SD cards in a way that makes them last longer.
  • LensRentals - rents cameras, lens, and accessories.

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