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Last checked 7/1/2006

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  • Learn25 stars has short tutorials on a variety of subjects from opening and serving wine to treating hemorrhoids.
  • iFixit has instructions on fixing all kinds of electronics, appliances, computers, phones, and autos. They want to reduce the refuse pile.
  • has a wide variety of ecourses that cost $ but not much.
  • - links to tutorials in many subjects including Paint Shop Pro, CSS, DreamWeaver, ASP, etc.
  • DreamWeaver FAQ
  • DreamWeaver Tips & Tutorials
  • To-Done - Life lessons on how to get things done while staying in balance.
  • Ken Blackburn's Paper Airplanes - he holds the record for paper airplane flying.
  • Best Paper Airplane with detailed instructions on how to build it.
  • College courses online
  • Guide to Speeches and Toasts such as "May you live as long as you want to and want to as long as you live."
  • Craft's Report is about crafts.
  • Bizarre Stuff in the Kitchen - this is stuff you can make yourself from ingredients found in the kitchen. The usual stuff like stink bombs, glue, dancing mothballs, etc.
  • How Stuff Works has short, but satisfying, explanations for how common things work. Like tire gauges and CGI scripts.
  • I Want To has short tutorials on how to do things.
  • Kites, Kids, and Education has all kinds of info on kites; building them, flying them, their history, etc...
  • Short Course in Digital Photography has information on starting out in the world of digital photography.
  • Free Online Courses is sponsored by the Mining Co. and is a list of links to free, online courses.
  • How to Signup for Free Online Courses
  • Ed Surf has links to free education on the Web.
  • Free Ed has totally free tutorials on all kinds of subjects from psychology to physics to programming to writing.
  • GCFLearnFree is a site that has a bunch of free tutorials including videos. Covers a wide variety of topics inluding math and computer applications.
  • Tutor Gig is a large collection of computer related tutorials.
  • Excel Tutorial
  • MrExcel.com4 outta 5 is a very good site if you want to find out about Excel spreadsheets.
  • Mr Excel Podcasts - some very good ones.
  • Excel Tutorials - reported by MakeUseOf - five online sources for very good, easy, generally basic, Excel tutorials.
  • Custom Forms in Microsoft Word is a brief but useful introduction to form controls.
  • Find Tutorials is a search engine that will find a tutorial on a given subject.
  • has a lot of tutorials on computers, software, programming, etc..
  • Pixel Groovy - a collection of tutorials submitted by the public on scripting, CSS, Photoshop, Windows, etc. Kind of a youTube for programmers.
  • wikiHow - a how-to wiki with all kinds of stuff submitted by the users.
  • So You has a lot of little how-to's.
  • The Knowledge Hound has how-to information on subjects ranging from programming to cooking to billiards.
  • Expert Village is a collection of articles and videos of how-to's.
  • Instructables - Step-by-step instructions for hundreds of projects from crafts to weapon building to recipes. These are submitted by the public so the quality varies widely.
  • - "education beyond schooling" - site has a great deal of links to instruction and tutorial sites categorized by subject matter.
  • ShowMeDo - is a collection of video tutorials in a whole bunch of computer programming categories. The way it works is that members ask for specific tutorials and other members create and post the videos.
  • Best Free Programming Sites from the MakeUseOf folks.
  • 195 Free Programming Books - The Tech Tool Blog has more than 200 free books on all aspects of programming.
  • Free Computer Books, Tutorials, and Lecture Notes is a very large collection of sites that have free computer books, tutorials, etc.
  • FreeTechBooks is a collection of sites with free technical books on computing, programming, math, etc.
  • Free Online Programming Books - large collection
  • Tutorialized - is a collection of tutorials on everything from Photoshop to Ruby on Rails.
  • The Learn List - collects tutorial sites mostly on Adobe products like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, etc. Also has some HTML and CSS sites.
  • CNET Tutorials - is a collection of very short how-to's.
  • ucberkeley - is posting full lectures as YouTube videos.
  • 5min is a collection of short Flash videos. You can zoom and stop-frame.
  • Gil's Method - is a collection of short computer how-to's in pictorial or video format. How to transfer music from your iPod, how to get rid of the annoying restart prompt after a system update, etc.
  • Introduction to Programming - nice set of video presentations about programming. C is used for the examples.
  • TutsBuzz - is a great collection of tutorials that cover 2D and 3D graphics software, programming including Java, Web languages included PHP, and audio and video editing software.
  • PHP Tutorials from the Google videos.
  • DonationCoder Hot-to-Program Blog - has a surprising amount of material on all kinds of programming languages.
  • WikiHow - is a how-to wiki where the public submit instructions on how to do a variety of thinks from dealing with noisy neighbors to programming in PHP.
  • WonderHowTo - aggregates how-to videos from a lot of different sites.
  • Howcast - how-to videos with ratings.
  • Tutorial Outpost includes tutorials only on Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, and some HTML and CSS
  • Videojug - how-to videos with ratings. 'Life explained. On film.'
  • WonderHowTo - how-to videos on a bunch of subjects. This site aggregates from other sites.
  • FindHow collects how-to materials from other sites that are judged as reliable sources. The site has its own search function.
  • Knol is Google's version of Wikipedia. In this case, the article authors are not anonymous so the material might be less suspect.
  • edX is a free massive online learning site supported by Harvard, Berkley, MIT and others.
  • Reddit Tutorial Group This Reddit community is full of how-to's as presented by the general world of contributors. Wide range of topics and wider range of quality.
Paint Shop Pro and PhotoShop


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