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Product Reviews
Last checked 2/24/2019

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    Computer Hardware:

  • PC World Reviews has links to reviews that have appeared in the magazine. Includes handy review charts of top ten in hardware categories.
  • PC Magazine Reviews
  • ZDNet's Reviews
  • CNet's Reviews - reviews of a wide variety of technology.
  • The Tech Advisor has reviews of hardware and software. This is a UK site so the prices are in pounds.
  • TechSpot Reviews
  • reviews motherboards.
  • Legit Reviews has reviews of all kinds of internals and peripherals. Also has instructional articles like how to build a laptop.
  • Hexus - computer equipment reviews, news, adive, etc. Tends toward the geeky side.
  • TechSeekers reviews motherboards and other internals.
  • has a great collection of information on the internals including a forum and plenty of reviews. Includes drives, cases, motherboards, heatsinks, cooling, etc.
  • Overclockers reviews video boards, motherboards, etc. Good site if you're building your own since it includes advice and tips. This site is based in New Zealand and does not seem to be related to the also excellent, above.
  • The Tech Report has reviews of computer internals.
  • Hardware Secrets reviews motherboards, cases, power supplies, cpu's, and other peripherals.
  • The Neoseeker has links to reviews and prices of mostly game software and hardware.
  • Busted Wallet has reviews of expensive items.
    Other Products:

  • Fakespot rates the user reviews of products on Amazon. You enter the URL of the product on Amazon and the site analyzes the reviews. It awards the product reviews a letter grade from A to F based on its algorithm and there is a pretty good explanation of the rating after the analysis.
  • Consumer Search5 stars - collects and summarizes reviews in various categories. Has links to reviews in other sites.
  • The Wirecutter4 outta 5 has the best of everything with links to the supporting material so you can check it out further. Unlike Consumer Search, they only show you the one item they think is the best.
  • LifeWire has reviews of a lot of specific items. No easy comparison between them to spot the best but the info is useful.
  • ePinions5 stars gives advice from 'experts' in various fields including sports equipment, electronics, travel, media, etc. Also, this site reviews other sites that have information related to the product area that you select.
  • Top Ten Reviews5 stars is a collection of reviews that have a consistent, easy-to-compare design.
  • Trusted Reviews - reviews of electronics including computers and peripherals, video equipment, digital cameras, etc. Includes some good buying guide info on HDTV.
  • PCMag Readers Choice Awards 2016 - general rankings of various categories of electronics manufacturers as reported by PCMag readers.
  • rtings reviews TVs. The site has a nice set of filters to let you zero in on the class of TV that is more specific to your needs.
  • ReviewGist gathers reviews from many sites and gives a summary score.
  • TestFreaks reviews gadgets - cameras, phones, games, etc. They collect information from sites and forums and present a summary view.
  • MouthShut has a reviews submitted by the public on a wide variety of subjects from restaurants to computers to travel to education. Interesting reading.
  • Viewpoints gives a summary of reviews of products submitted by the public.
  • NextAdvisor has reviews of a variety of services and devices from insurance to home security. Reviews include a pretty shallow comparison chart of features.
  • eCoustics Reviews5 stars is a collection of tech product reviews. These are split into those written by magazine editors and those that are submitted by the public to various sites like Amazon, Pricegrabber, etc. No side-by-side comparisons.
  • How Stuff Works has explanations of how things work so you can make an informed decision.
  • Review Centre - from England - products may have different model names but the site has a lot of reviews
  • MobileWhack - news and reviews on mobile equipment.
  • Google allows you to search listservs for opinions.
  • Abbys Guide has buying guides and advice for a variety of products. Site includes forums for public opinion.
  • Zagat's Dining Guide
  • Gadget is devoted to reviews of gadgets - includes some software downloads.
  • Gadget Central has electronic equipment reviews including computers and hi-fi hardware.
  • Engadget - gadgets
  • Wired Reviews - usually interesting to read but subject material tends toward the more expensive gadgets.
  • Digital Trends
  • Giz Wiz Biz is Dick DeBartolo's review site. These are mostly one-shot reviews of gadgets but the site is pretty eclectic.
  • StreetTech is an old blog that reviewed techie toys. Hasn't been updated since 2009.
  • Ratings.Net has reviews in various categories.
  • AudioReviews DVD Reviews
  • AVS Forum has info on audio visual equipment like TIVO, DVD, etc. Skimpy on the reviews but still useful.
  • Home Cinema hardware reviews
  • Music Gear Reviews focus is on guitar equipment.
  • has news on new products, reviews, links to vendors, etc.
  • CarSurvey has reviews by real users that are somewhat informative, although the number of reviews is disappointingly small.
  • Consumer Guides car reviews and blog.
  • Expert Reviews - UK based - hardware and software reviews. Although most reviews are related to UK models, some equipment is also available in the US.
  • GPS has info and reviews on GPS devices.
  • GPS Magazine - reviews and advice - includes a handy comparison chart
  • GPS Review - includes reviews, articles, and forums.
  • GPS Tracklog - reviews, tips, tricks, and news.
  • Woodworkers Central - forums for woodworkers, advice, techniques, etc. including reviews of tools.
  • Ink Permanence - measures of ink permanence with inkjet printers (number of years before noticeable fading or color changes).
  • Windows Secrets' Reviews - reviews of computers, digital cameras, and other associated electronics.
  • Cool Tools Kevin Kelly's reviews of very cool tools.
  • blippr Don't know how the site got it's name. Reviews of movies and books submitted by the public.
  • Greenzer reviews how products affect the environment. Comparison reviews show how different products stack up against each other on the 'green' level.
  • Consumer's CheckBook is like Angie's List but cheaper and more local.
Software Reviews

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