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Last checked 5/28/2019

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Album Reviews

Commerical Stuff
  • Berklee has a number of lessons in keyboard and guitar. Some theory.
  • Ultimate Guitar5 stars has reviews, tabs, lessons, gossip, etc.
  • Ultimate Guitar Tabs5 stars This site has tabulatur for guitar along with the lyrics and videos of how to play the song.
  • Harmony Central4 outta 5 has very good links especially to software and to guitar lessons.
  • About.com4 outta 5 is a great collection of links to all kinds of quitar related sites including lyrics and tab.
  • WorldGuitar has lessons for various levels of player, tabs, reviews, etc.
  • Guitar Noise has lessons for various levels of player, tabs, reviews, etc.
  • Guitar Player - a magazine, a way of life.
  • Guitarists Net is another great site with links to OLGA's tablature, chord finder, lessons, scale finder, etc.
  • Jazz Guitar links including reviews of the sites and descriptions of content.
  • OLGA - Online Guitar Archive4 outta 5 is a very good source of tabulature.
  • PG Music - makers of Band-In-a-Box software
  • has tabs, articles, tutorials, etc.
  • Harmony Central Guitar
  • Chordify This site allows you to upload a song or provide its YouTube URL and the site will generate tabulature so you can play along.
  • Chordie has a lot of lyrics and tabulature.
  • Ultimate Chord Book shows you how to play a chord in any tuning.
  • JustStrings sells just strings for instruments.
  • Guitar.com4 outta 5 has feature articles, press releases, interviews, lessons, tips, technical stuff, etc. This is a huge site. It also has an effects demo that shows what guitars sound like through various stomp boxes. It has a chord generator and scale generator that are very nice.
  • Just Jazz Guitar Magazine has lessons, articles, interviews, etc.
  • Free Sheet Music - free.
  • Guitargonauts is the home site of Dave Gregory, ex-guitar player for XTC. He is a much better guitarist than he is a webmaster.
  • Vintage Guitars has information on collectibles.
  • How to Read Guitar Tab
  • 8Notes has riffs and tutorials, very short and basic. Also has free sheet music.
  • Guitar Reviews - from - is a collection of reviews.
  • Guitar Forum This is the alt.guitar Usenet. In other words, this is a public forum for anyone who wants to say anything or ask anything about guitars and guitar playing. Also check out music.makers.guitar Forum and Music Instrument Makers Forum
  • Chordbook uses Flash to show you how to finger any chord.
  • Nils Lofgren Guitar Lessons You have to pay for these. I wouldn't include the site in the Big List if he wasn't as good as he is.
  • Free guitar lessons online.
  • Music Theory has music theory information in easy to consume chunks.
  • OnLine Tuning Fork has a Flash reproduction of the E, A, and C tuning forks.
  • MIT Music and Theater Arts - free, high level courses.
  • Music Theory - basic stuff presented well.
  • Learn to Play Piano... This is an overview of the software and hardware available to help you learn to play the piano using an iPad connected to an electronic keyboard.
  • RiffStation plays the song and displays the chord names and fingering structures (for guitar, uke, and piano) as the song plays. Many songs are available.
  • Music Learning Websites is an article by MakeUseOf which describes a bunch of tutorial sites that cover theory, piano, guitar, bass, drums, and even violin.

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