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Medical Sites
Last checked 2/28/2001

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Mental Health
  • Dr Koop's Drug Store4 outta 5 has information on drugs and their interactions with food and other drugs.
  • Drugs.com4 outta 5 has a revised search engine that allows you to search by condition with results that include treatments, causes, etc.
  • RxList is the searchable Internet Drug Index which has indications of side effects, info on conditions treated by drug, etc. It even has a search engine that doesn't expect you to be able to spell the drug name.
  • Drug Information from RxMed
  • Drug Information from Medispan.
  • Top 200 Prescription List is an abbreviated PDR for the most often prescribed drugs.
  • Drug DB " one of the many services on the Pharmaceutical Information Network, provided by VirSci Corporation. This database is very easy to use and contains a great deal of drug information on both prescription and over-the-counter medications. Drugs can be browsed by generic or trade name, or searched. Included within the information about the drug are links to lists of other drugs with similar uses, articles, press releases..." Also, check the PharmInfo page, for more general medical links and info.
  • Drug Interaction - you enter the drugs and see if there is any adverse interactions.
  • US Pharmacopeia has information on drugs.
  • Pharmacy Info has information on drugs.
  • Pharmacy OnLine has heavy duty articles on drugs.
  • HealthTouch has a fast search engine to find info on drugs.
  • Herbs - herbal information center.
  • Herb Index has good descriptions with history and folklore.
  • Herbal Medicine4 outta 5 has information on herbal medicines.
  • Herbs has in-depth material on Gingko, Echinacea, licorice, and St. John's Wort.
Veterinary Medicine
  • PetMD is full of links to all kinds of veterinary info. It also has a symptom checker to help diagnose.
  • WebMD for Pets is supported by the same folks who created the WebMD site for humans.
  • The Net Vet is full of links to all kinds of veterinary info.
  • Natural Holistic Pet Care
  • The Virtual Zoo and Vet - more a zoo than helpful veterinary info.
  • Healthy Pet has sections on nutrition, pet care tips, behavior, etc. Sponsored by the American Animal Hospital Association.
  • PBS's Animal Hospital: NOVA Online is a resource for pet owners which includes a Q&A section.
  • DogHause is mostly about pets rather than pet medicine.
  • Animal Links is links to sites about animals.
  • Cat Fancier's Association Although there is little medicine here, you can see different breeds.
  • All Pet's All Cats is a comprehensive site on cats. There is a big section on cat care. Well designed site although it uses frames.
  • Hot Spot is about pet birds.
  • Frisky Pet concerns itself with cats and dogs.
  • Foster and Smith's Pet Education has plenty of information on the health of all kinds of pets.
  • Pet Advisor has tips and instructions for caring for a cat or dog. Even includes some video instruction in their how-to's.
  • VetCentric has information about pet and farm animal health that is more in depth than most would want. They have a ask-the-expert section where you can submit your question or you can read the archived Q&A.
  • American Animal Hospital Association helps you locate facilities that meet the standards of this organization.

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