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Medical Sites
Last checked 2/28/2001

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  • First Time Hearing Aids is a good introduction to hearing aids.
  • Hearing Loss Web "Hearing Loss Web is dedicated to people who have hearing loss, but are not members of the traditional Deaf community."
  • Reddit Hearing Aid Group This is a discussion group for hearing aid users.
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Assistive Devices ($) This is a commercial site.
  • ADCO Hearing Products ($) This is a commercial site.
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Organizations
  • Hearing Loss/Mayo Clinic Connect has a great deal of info related to the politics of hearing as well as discussion groups. (This used to be the Hearing Loss Association of America site which closed in 2019 and merged with Mayo Clinic.)
  • Hearing Tracker Forum4 outta 5 is a discussion group with a high volume (no pun intended) of activity. This site also includes hearing aid reviews, something almost all other sites avoid.
  • Hearing Tracker has information on hearing aids including reviews.
  • Dr Cliff Audiologist is a YouTube artist that has videos relevant to hearing aids. Take it with some salt and the usual cynicism about purchasing items that cost thousands of dollars.
  • Ahearingaid has prices on a bunch of aids.
  • House Ear Institute - another advocacy group
  • Hearing Aid Brands The list shows who makes hearing aids - eg, who makes Costco aids, etc.
  • HearingDirect ($) sells name-brand aids as well as all kinds of hard-of-hearing accessories. This is an overseas shop but it is informative to see the pricing.
  • Direct Hearing Aid Services ($) repairs hearing aids. No need to replace them with new ones.
  • Hearing Loss Simulator attempts to shows what hearing loss sounds like - it is not just lower volume.
  • Deafness has a variety of articles related to hearing loss.
  • Sign Language - GIFs, from the Sign With Robert site.
  • Learn Sign Language This is a short article about learning sign language with the help of Android apps.
  • Say What Club - is a small support club of ‘late-deafened’ souls. Site includes a number of mailing lists and discussion groups although it is almost impossible to figure out how to access the discussions.
  • Alexander Graham Bell Association for Deaf and Hard of Hearing. is an advocacy group.
  • Hearing Loss Forum This is the Usenet. In other words, this is a public forum for anybody who wants to say anything or ask anything about hearing loss but the site is not moderated so there is a bunch of garbage on it.
  • Beyond Hearing – is a Yahoo discussion group for the hard of hearing that requires special permission to access.
  • Living With Hearing Loss Blog is a blog about Shari Eberts' experiences with hearing loss. She also writes about other issues related to hearing and has an active following with many comments.
Mental Health
  • GoodRx compares costs of drugs at local and mailorder pharmacies. Includes coupons and other manufacturer information that might provide savings. Caution: GoodRx appears to (legally) share data you supply on their site with ad companies including the prescriptions that you buy through them.
  • Blink Health4 outta 5 compares costs of drugs at local and mailorder pharmacies. Includes coupons and other manufacturer information that might provide savings.
  • Dr Koop's Drug Store4 outta 5 has information on drugs and their interactions with food and other drugs.
  • Drugs.com4 outta 5 has a revised search engine that allows you to search by condition with results that include treatments, causes, etc.
  • RxList is the searchable Internet Drug Index which has indications of side effects, info on conditions treated by drug, etc. It even has a search engine that doesn't expect you to be able to spell the drug name.
  • Drug Information from RxMed
  • Drug Information from Medispan.
  • Top 200 Prescription List is an abbreviated PDR for the most often prescribed drugs.
  • Drug DB " one of the many services on the Pharmaceutical Information Network, provided by VirSci Corporation. This database is very easy to use and contains a great deal of drug information on both prescription and over-the-counter medications. Drugs can be browsed by generic or trade name, or searched. Included within the information about the drug are links to lists of other drugs with similar uses, articles, press releases..." Also, check the PharmInfo page, for more general medical links and info.
  • Drug Interaction - you enter the drugs and see if there is any adverse interactions.
  • US Pharmacopeia has information on drugs.
  • Pharmacy Info has information on drugs.
  • Pharmacy OnLine has heavy duty articles on drugs.
  • HealthTouch has a fast search engine to find info on drugs.
  • Herbs - herbal information center.
  • Herb Index has good descriptions with history and folklore.
  • Herbal Medicine4 outta 5 has information on herbal medicines.
  • Herbs has in-depth material on Gingko, Echinacea, licorice, and St. John's Wort.
  • - has a lot of medical drug info including how to identify a pill that you may have found in your travel bag but now you don't what the heck it is.
  • - Pill identification..
Veterinary Medicine
  • PetMD is full of links to all kinds of veterinary info. It also has a symptom checker to help diagnose.
  • WebMD for Pets is supported by the same folks who created the WebMD site for humans.
  • The Net Vet is full of links to all kinds of veterinary info.
  • Natural Holistic Pet Care
  • The Virtual Zoo and Vet - more a zoo than helpful veterinary info.
  • Healthy Pet has sections on nutrition, pet care tips, behavior, etc. Sponsored by the American Animal Hospital Association.
  • PBS's Animal Hospital: NOVA Online is a resource for pet owners which includes a Q&A section.
  • DogHause is mostly about pets rather than pet medicine.
  • Animal Links is links to sites about animals.
  • Cat Fancier's Association Although there is little medicine here, you can see different breeds.
  • All Pet's All Cats is a comprehensive site on cats. There is a big section on cat care. Well designed site although it uses frames.
  • Hot Spot is about pet birds.
  • Frisky Pet concerns itself with cats and dogs.
  • Foster and Smith's Pet Education has plenty of information on the health of all kinds of pets.
  • Pet Advisor has tips and instructions for caring for a cat or dog. Even includes some video instruction in their how-to's.
  • VetCentric has information about pet and farm animal health that is more in depth than most would want. They have a ask-the-expert section where you can submit your question or you can read the archived Q&A.
  • American Animal Hospital Association helps you locate facilities that meet the standards of this organization.
  • Friends Life Care - aging in your home.
  • Retirement Living5 stars is home of the SourceBook as well as a pretty good database of retirement and aging housing options. Good source to find options even if the details are missing.
  • Medicare Contacts is a big list of organizations in Pennsylvania (other states are available) that supply advice and counseling about medical coverage and/or information about medical service providers in the state.
  • Alzheimers - practical information.
  • Aging Well focuses on "mature" adults. Immature adults please keep out.
  • National Association of Area Agencies on Aging has a database of agencies by zip code.
  • Pennsylvania Department of Aging - official site.
  • Montgomery County Aging Services - official site.
  • Best Nursing Homes according to US News and World Report (2018). Article includes advice on finding and evaluating nursing homes.
  • Eldercare Locator Sponsored by the US Administration on Aging, this site helps you locate agencies that assist in elder care including assistance with insurance, transportation, housing, support, etc.
  • My LifeSite - directory of Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC), simliar to SourceBook.
  • Allegheny County Information for Residents has a straightforward, concise statement of the problem. The rest of the site has links to equally informative and helpful information.
  • CDC Covid-19 - official site.
  • CDC Covid-19 Self-Test is a symptom checker. The site states that the chatbot is not meant to be diagnostic, however.
  • Apple Covid-19 Site Not sure why this site was needed but apparently was developed with the assistance of the CDC. However, the site does have links to official information and it has a symptom checker.
  • Covid-19 Statistics has some serious numbers furnished by an independent statistics organization. Thanks, Renie.
  • Bing Covid-19 International Map shows the number of cases in each country. You can drill down into the countries to get county numbers in each state, also.
  • PA State Department of Health has policy statements, number of cases by county, and daily updates.
  • PA State Department of Health Covid-19 Daily Updates
  • Montgomery County Office of Health has policy statements, statistics, and locations of health centers.
  • Montgomery County PA Township Map has a map showing cases by township. Active cases = the number of positvely identified cases less the number of recoveries and deaths. This site also has a lot of other information about the status of the pandemic in the county.
  • Montgomery County Restaurants Still Serving Meals has a list of restaurants in the county that are offering meals for pickup or third-party delivery.
  • Covid Tracking Project - PA History The Covid Tracking Project has stats for each state. Stats include the number tested, number of positives and negatives, number of cases, and number of deaths. The history page shows these stats by date.
  • 91-Dovic This site has visualizations to show the growth of Covid-19 cases by country and by state. Another site to obsess over (see site below).
  • StatNews - medical news with a focus on Covid-19 outbreak
  • Should You Wear A Mask - This article from Ars Technica provides pro and con information. The article concludes with, "If you do wear a mask, be sure to remove it from behind your head. Don’t touch the surface of the mask. If you do touch the surface, immediately wash your hands or use hand sanitizer."
  • Meditation Apps This is a (2020) PCMag article reviewing 13 apps to help you relax, meditate, and de-stress.

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