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Clip Art and Graphics
Last checked 5/10/2017

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Graphics Tools
  • GIF Cruncher, from the WebReference folks, optimizes your GIF image for Web viewing.
  • CoolText.com4 outta 5 allows you to enter text and apply fonts, backgrounds, and color. You can even buttonize it. This cool site has some great free fonts and backgrounds as well
  • Colorlab lets you select from the 'color safe' palette and shows the colors that you select within each other so you can see how they'll look together.
  • FreeByte has links to free graphics tools.
  • Hands On has some step-by-step tutorials on how to create graphic effects for your Web site images.
  • Bells N Whistles has info on creating web pages with a lot of stuff on using graphics and animations.
  • Also, see the Tutorials section of the BigList.


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