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Last checked 8/1/2016

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  • Old Farmer's Almanac I sometimes wonder if it's an old almanac for farmers or it's an almanac owned by an old farmer.
  • World Climate tells what the usual climate is like at any time and any place in the world.
  • The Tornado Project has pictures, information, tips on tornado safety, etc.
  • Franklin Institute Weather has forecasts, explanations, how to read radar, how to make weather instruments, etc. As Benjamin Franklin wrote, "Some are weatherwise, some are otherwise."
  • Weather Disasters 33 of the biggest.
  • NOAA Photo Archive This is a great looking site of photos from the Weather Service. Easy to use and navigate. Includes the National Weather Service Historical Image Album, The National Marine Fisheries Services Historical Image Album, the Coast and Geodetic Survey Historical Album, the National Severe Storms Laboratory Collection, and the National Underseas Research Program Collection.
  • Weather 24 has the weather for various countries but excludes the US.
  • TVWeather has links to maps and a very big list of weather cams from all over the country. This site is not operational as of July 2016.
  • Free Accuweather Software puts a weather map on your desktop.
  • Foliage Network has maps of foliage color changes across the US.
  • Drought Monitor - a map of US graphically depicting current drought conditions.
  • Precipitation Map This is from the National Weather Service and shows a history of precipitation. You select the time interval and location.
  • Wind Current Map This is a global, animated map showing wind currents.
  • Sunsetwx is a site that tries to predict the best sunsets (for photo purposes).
  • Weatherstack API This article shows how to use a weather API on your Web site.

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