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Video Sites
Last checked 2/27/2018

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  • Opentopia has hundreds of live Webcams .
  • Wild Birds Unlimited FeederCams shows pictures of birds that have shown up at their feeder.
  • EarthCam has links to an incredible number of live cameras all over the world and lists them in various categories. You can quickly locate a camera by entering a city name in their search function.
  • Africam located in the Djume Game Reserve.
  • HD On Tap has a bunch of cams on everything from golf courses to bird nests.
  • Cornell Bird Cams including a cam on barn owls and another on an albatross nest.
  • Bird Cams - a big list from the Cornell site.
  • Interesting Web Cams that are Live 24/7 - a big list suggested by Reddit readers.

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