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Humorous and Strange
Last checked 7/25/2014

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  • Milk and Cookies has all kinds of fun stuff including short movies. Lots of wierd and very funny stuff here.
  • All Too Flat - named after a Ponty Python routine - jokes, celebrity photographs, social advice, etc.
  • The Smothers Brothers includes video clips of The Comedy Hour, concert schedule, etc although the link to Yo-Yo Man was disappointing.
  • The Easy Air Guitar has pictures and instructions on simple chords and fingering for the beginner.
  • RHF Jokes has jokes from the rec.humor.funny news group.
  • Dilbert
  • Comedy Central
  • Sea Monkey FAQ Every question you have about the amazing, live Sea Monkeys is answered here.
  • Andy Kaufman This is a great tribute to the comedian. It has pictures, stories, movie clips, etc. The site is designed very well.
  • This is True are strange and humorous stories that are true. You can also sign up for a true, funny story each day by e-mail.
  • Laugh-a-Lot has a joke of the day. You can sign up to receive it by e-mail.
  • The Dialectizer converts the English in a Web page to dialects such as redneck, swedish chefish, etc.
  • Mr Potato Head
  • Jester 2.0 is a humor tool that can recommend jokes that match your preferences in humor. I'm not joking.
  • The Institute of Good Cheer This is a collection of humorous collections. For example, one collection is a gallery of females and males pictured on stock certificates.
  • What the has funny stuff that has actually shown up for sale on eBay. Take the Assistant Manager, for example, who apparently was not well liked. Minimum bid is $0.50.
  • The specializes in jokes.
  • Mark's Very Large National Lampoon Site
  • Puns Galore - get your puns here.
  • Dancing With Cats - are they kidding?.
  • The Three Stooges - actually, there were more than 3.
  • Demotivators Have you ever seen those motivational posters? Well, these are demotivational posters.
  • Am I Right has parodies of songs, misheard lyrics, misrhymed lyrics, etc.
  • RatherGood is the Web site for this group. They have created Flash movies to go along with their songs. They rock, most of the time. The site is guaranteed to make you smile.
  • BoreMe - best of the virals (those often wierd sites, downloads, stories, etc. that your friends find amusing and tell you about them usually in emails believing that you should not miss out on the fun).
  • The Dennis' Funny Page has jokes, cartoons, etc.
  • Aardman Animations - video clips from the folks who invented Wallace and Grommit.
  • is a collection of one man's stuff - little movies (stuff to watch), writings (stuff to read), toys (stuff to interact with), etc. He also sells T-shirts. Humorous stuff.
  • Graham Chapman's Eulogy A member of Monty Python, he coauthored the "Parrot Sketch". You'll laugh through the tears.
  • Derren Brown mentalist, magician, strange guy.
  • Cute Overload is a collection of photos and videos of cuties - mostly kittens, ducklings, puppies, etc.
  • Talk Like a Pirate is a site dedicated to pirate jokes.
  • Jokes Department - jokes.
  • Myth Buster Episodes - short videos of the experiments by the wacky Myth Busters.
  • Penn and Teller - links to a handfull of videos of them doing their thing.
  • Funny or Die - has videos of standup comedy routines. Some great stuff.
  • Slightly Drunk is a humorous blog.
  • Smillezilla has jokes including a joke of the day.
  • Pungents - puns
  • Joke Diary is a collection of jokes that this guy found funny.
  • 1 Joke a Day is another joke blog.
  • Bad Lip Reading takes short videos of politicians and substitutes their own sound track and dialogue.
  • Splitsider is a humor blog.
  • Awkward Family Photos - 'nough said.
  • Funny or Die is a collection of videos and you can vote on whether the video is 'funny' or should 'die'.
  • White Whine is a humor site that pokes fun at the privileged who whine about trivial (relatively speaking) things.
  • 22 Words is a humor site with short, funny videos.
Strange, Bizzare, Offbeat, etc.

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