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Last checked 6/20/2015

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  • This is CNet's site.
  • is another good site for freeware and shareware sponsored by the C|Net folks.
  • PC World's Shareware
  • Yahoo's index of software is a pretty thorough collection of links to software sites. Check out the freeware and shareware link sections.
  • Super Shareware has lots of programs (some freeware), search engine, and ratings by users with comments.
  • Shareware Junkies - lot of files, search engine.
  • Top 20 Download Sites
  • FileFlash gives you news about new file and driver releases with links to the files.
  • Five Star
  • ZDNet's Shareware
  • SlaughterHouse
  • Nerd's Heaven is a directory of software directories. Pretty good collection.
  • NoNags is a pretty big, but well organized, shareware site. It focuses on shareware that has no time-outs or "nags" (like a "nag" screen that pops up when the program is started).
  • PCWin Download Center is a collection of downloadable software.
  • Reference Desk is a huge directory of sites which offer "free" stuff, mostly shareware.
  • The File Dudes
  • Winsite is an oldie but goldie FTP site full of shareware, drivers, fonts, etc. Not as easy to navigate as some newer sites but it's still full of useful stuff. This site has recently expanded into tips, advice, etc.
  • WinApps List is a blog that discovers and discusses new shareware.
  • FileMine
  • Win Shareware is a blog about new shareware.
  • AnalogX has a limited set of useful utilities.
  • Mircosoft's Free Downloads has the latest versions of the IE browser, drivers, utilities, etc.
  • Open Directory Project
  • Major Geeks has a nice variety of shareware and freeware.
  • ShellCity has programs that add-in to the desktop. Includes file managers, shells, emulators, etc. A lot of the programs are free.
  • - 'because new is not always better.' The site collects old software versions that are better than the newer versions. Includes a forum.
Shortlist of Recommended, Completely Free Software
This program replaces the Windows date and time in the tray with a much better clock. You can customize the colors as well as the format of the display. Click on the time and up pops a monthly calendar that you can scroll through a year or month at a time. You can also set it up to show the CPU and RAM usage.
Another replacement for the Windows time app. This one is an analog representation that floats on the desktop.
This little gem lets you synchronize your computer time with a publicly available atomic clock. It can even be set up to do this automatically every time you boot up.
You can tweak all kinds of Windows settings like mouse and desktop features, Add/Remove list, boot features, etc.
This compression/decompression program is compatible with Zip files. Open source.
If you are a programmer, you'll love this little utility. It compares two files and reports on the lines that are different. Very nice and complete comparison.
This is a limited version of the WS_FTP program that allows you to FTP files directly to servers. It is free for government employees, noncommercial home users, and members of educational institutions.
This is another FTP program that rivals WS_FTP. Open source.
This is a pretty powerful graphic viewer. It's quick and easy to use.
This is a pretty powerful graphic viewer and editor. Nice thumbnails. 5 stars.
Best free email client.
These are full office suites that are compatible with MS Office.
Best free replacements for Windows Explorer.
This is a nifty program that emulates stick-on notes. You click on the program icon and type in your note. You can set an alarm reminder on a note.
This is a free program that will search your system for any 'spyware' that may be keeping track of your browsing. It alerts you to the presence of these programs and then will delete them, if you decide to do so.
This program is a small, no-frills, but totally free and totally useful CD player.
This is a great, free audio editing and recording program. You can use it to rip CD's.
is a free media player. Excellent.
This free program will display the names of the fonts that are used in the documents on your system. It will display a sample of all of the fonts installed on your system. It will help you delete the fonts that you aren't using.
If you really only want to use Internet Explorer as your browser, this is a great add-on. Gives you multi-tabbed windows, built in Google search, etc.
The best alternative browser to Firefox, in my humble opinion (IMHO).
This is the updated Netscape browser and email client that still includes a great HTML editor (Composer). Open source.
Best of breed.
A free program that controls which programs start when you boot up.
is a free alternative to the Notepad that comes with Windows.
This is a screen capture program that allows you to add notes and audio. Output formats include Flash and PDF. Great for small demos.
is a presentation application.
are free PDF creators.
is a free pdf reader. Much smaller footprint than the Adobe reader.
cleans out the accumulated crap and browser debris on your PC and also cleans up the registry.
This is a nice little freebie that gives you some more options for customizing your cursor. Includes animations and cursor control options.
A useful program when you're trying to figure what the hell is slowing down your computer.

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