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Last checked 2/15/2016

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Google Advanced/Safe Search



There are thousands of applications available on the Web that will help you find what you are looking for. These programs work a little bit differently from each other and plow through slightly different pastures. For excellent examples, see above: DogPile is useful for exploratory searches and Google is useful for more specific things. More than one search engine is needed to insure a thorough search. The following are both useful and easy to use. Note that when you visit some of these sites, information is collected about you without your permission. Alta Vista is a prime example.

  • DuckDuckGo finds stuff that you won't see on Google and does not collect as much personal information as other search services.
  • StartPage actually uses the Google search engine but does not collect as much personal information as other search services. It advertizes itself as the world's most private search engine.
  • Wolfram Alpha is a "computaton engine" that lets you calculate all kinds of things including inflation rates, statistical data (enter a string of number and calculate the mean), definition of words, etc.
  • uses multiple search engines and aggregates the results. You can search for audio, images, white pages, yellow pages, etc. Searching for things to buy will usually bring up reviews first before the vendor sites, which is good.
  • Surf Wax uses about 8 of the major search engines simultaneously and is FAST. You can customize your settings and there is plenty of help but most will use it in its simplest state.
  • Draze combines Yahoo, Google, and MSN. It has a nifty switch that lets you search the general Web or just shop.
  • Searchboth lets you combine any two search engines and shows you the results side-by-side.
  • Lycos Search Page is the best- good descriptions of results, precision of results is excellent, supports searches for sounds and pictures, has useful links to other areas of Web.
  • Yahoo Search has improved alot.
  • Which Engine - Phil Bradley's table that shows which search engine is best when asking various types of questions or when searching for various categories of information.
  • HotBot Rated Number One in ZDNet. A pretty good search engine that is flexible and easy to use. The site uses heavy graphics, so it can be slow.
  • WikiSeek searches wikipedia sites and some of the sites that are mentioned in the wikipedia articles.
  • 10 Deep Web Search Tools - as reviewed by MakeUseOf.
  • 11 Search Tricks - also compiled by MakeUseOf.
  • Google Search Tips
  • GoogleTutor is some great information about using Google.
  • Google Operands is some great information about using Google operands like '-'.
  • Advanced Google Operators is some great, advanced information about using Google search operators.
  • Google Toolbar Download it and add it to Internet Explorer.
  • Pro Guide to Google Searches - Part I Has excellent tips on using Google search syntax.
  • Pro Guide to Google Searches - Part II Has more, advanced and excellent tips on using Google search syntax.
  • - Microsoft search engine.
  • ixquick is a search engine that doesn't keep track of what you search for.
  • Katapulco - is a multi-site search engine. You enter a term and then select where you want to search.
  • Webcrawler provides good results
  • Pandia PowerSearch has links to a lot of the better search engines.
  • Clusty - search engine that clusters together similar hits. Very attractive results page.
  • NoodleQuest This search engine helps you find the best search engine based on your answers to a few questions about what you are looking for.
  • Yahoo: good place to start, easy to use, but limited in what it searches.
  • Search the Net In this page, you check off which search engines you want to use, type in your search text, and away you go.
  • Teoma is pretty new - gives you a list of sites most often visited by people who searched for the same topic you did.
  • Open Directory Project is pretty new. This service uses human volunteers to review sites which are then added to the search index.
  • LookSmart searches a limited set of editorally reviewed sites with the intention of improving the quality of the hits.
  • DogPile searches the Web and newsgroups. It uses 20+ search engines simultaneously. Results are not great.
  • MetaFind is brought to you by the folks at DogPile. Similar to DogPile but sorts by keyword, alphabetically, or by domain.
  • Excite The content on this site keeps changing but it does include a search engine.
  • Planet Search is new and impressive.
  • C|Net Search is a meta-search page from C|Net. It can search specific categories, if you want to cut down on the noise that you get back using other search engines.
  • Educator's Directory searches sites for material relevant to educators.
  • WWWomen is a search engine dedicated to women's issues.
  • Search Beat The Search Beat has searched for you and put the best of their results into about 70 categories organized by theme.
  • Beaucoup has got to be the definitive set of links to search sites. The sites are grouped according to the subject matter.
  • Big Search Engine Index is a semi-ordered set of search engines. Try it as a last resort.
  • Search Engine Guide has over 1,000 search engines arranged in various categories.
  • Search Engine Showdown has tutorials, reviews, statistics, and information on the major search engines.
  • NetFind for Kids is AOL's search engine for kids.
  • Internets will help you find a search engine that specializes in the category that you're interested in.
  • Excite News searches for news.
  • WebSearch sends out your search to a bunch of engines simultaneously.
  • Ask Jeeves Ask Jeeves a question and he will simultaneously search through all the most popular search engines to provide you with easy to navigate results. If you're a search engine fan, or just plain sick of cryptic searches, give old Jeeves a try.
  • Search IQ has a list of focused search engines, news, tips and tutorials on using search engines.
  • FindArticles searches an archive of about 300 magazines and journals. Surprisingly good results with links to the articles.
  • Complete Planet actually only finds you a search engine that will, in turn, find you what you're looking for. This is excellent for very refined searches. Update: maintenance of this site has been discontinued.
  • Find Sounds finds sound files on the Web.
  • Google News Group SearchFour stars outta five. lets you search for any communication to any news group (listserv) for the last 20 years.
  • iLOR uses Google, Altavista, etc. Highly customizable.
  • Google Scholar searches scholarly sources.
  • Exalead - interesting search engine shows thumbnails of the Web sites that result from the search as well as alternative search terms that deserve additional searches.
  • Google's Video Search searchs for videos on the Web. You can also check out random video clips if you want to waste a lot of time.
  • Multimedia Lycos - searches for audio, video, and images.
  • Lycos 50 - lists the top search terms to show trends in what's hot and what's not.
  • Noodle Tools - advises you on which site would be most helpful (for academic research purposes mostly). Useful for term papers.
  • Excite is powered by Dogpile.
  • Online Educational Database - a lot of 'deep' Web search engines.
  • CrossEngine allows you to enter your search terms and then select the search engine that you want to use.
  • is a search engine for local classified ads.
  • Google's Code Search has been discontinued but archives are available. It searches the Web for programming code.
  • Google's Book Search searches the Web for books containing the word or phrase that you enter.
  • Cha Cha - is a search engine that can use live 'guides' to return results - its free but you have to register if you want to use the guides.
  • TinEye You upload a picture and the site will search the Web for other pictures that look similar to it.

  • Search Engines for Kids
  • Awesome Library for Kids
About Search Engines

  • Research Buzz has a weekly newsletter about what's happening in the search engine world - additions, changes, deaths, merges, deaths, etc. The site contains a wealth of information about finding information.
  • Search Engine Watch is a pretty good site for info on search engines.
  • Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial "The Teaching Library of the University of California, Berkeley makes the content of its Internet Workshops freely available to the public via this site. The Tutorial includes an introduction to the Internet, a glossary of terms, things to know before searching the World Wide Web, how to create search strategies, and how to refine your topic and identify the search tools to fit your needs. There are also well designed pages on how to construct and refine searches for Infoseek, Hotbot, and AltaVista. The section on AltaVista includes an Interactive Thesaurus for LiveTopics (discussed in the February 14, 1997 issue of the Scout Report). Beyond General World Wide Web Searching provides explanations and links to alternatives to search engines and subject directories, such as "webliographies," searchable databases, online journals and books, and email discussion groups."
  • Windweaver Search Guide is a pretty good source for info on how to use the different search engines. It also has info which helps to decide which search engine is the best to use in a given situation.
  • is a great site for information (sometimes very technical) on supplying search tools for your site.

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