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Investment and Financial Sites
Last checked 11/11/2000

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  • BarChart has ticker displays plus other stock related info. Nice summary page for each stock or fund.
  • The Street4 outta 5 is information on issues related to mutual funds and stocks. Also, they will sell you a newsletter that tells you how your money is being managed.
  • Kiplinger
  • Morningstar
  • Seeking Alpha aggregates finance news from the other major sites.
  • Bloomberg - investment and financial information.
  • Bogleheads Forum is a great place to read about how others are dealing with their investment portfolios.
  • This Is Money is a UK site that has a variety of information on general investing and markets and includes advice on everyday decisions like paying bills and buying cars.
  • USA Today Money4 outta 5 - as only the USA Today folks can do it.
  • Financial Content Historical performance data, graphs, news, company info, etc.
  • Motley Fool is a forum for individual investors.
  • Financial Independence is a Reddit group on becoming financially independent.
  • Best Subreddits for Finance is a MakeUseOf article that reviews some reddit discussion groups related to finance.
  • CNN Money Great site for financial info and news.
  • CNN's Investor Research Center4 outta 5general news plus analyst reports on specific companies - bunch of other information
  • Mutual Funds Investor Advisor
  • DealBook - NY Times financial news. Very impressive coverage.
  • MarketWatch, sponsored by the Wall Street Journal, has a variety of information on the usual topics but also has market information on mutual funds and stocks.
  • 50 Suggestions on how to make the most of your money - from Money Magazine.
  • Money Chimp - a nice explanation of several investment issues like how to read financial statements, index funds, etc.
  • Teens' Guide to Money Although this site is aimed at teens, it is very succinct explanations which can be useful to anybody trying to understand the markets and financial vehicles.
  • Roth IRA
  • Investopedia has very digestable articles on a wide variety of investment topics.
  • is good for options information.
  • is good for bond market information.
  • Annual Reports includes good info on how to read annual reports.
  • FreeEDGAR is sponosored by the SEC and contains all of the filings that have been made by companies to the SEC. Be warned, these data are pretty thick.
  • Barron's information on trading activities.

  • Fidelity Investments
  • T.RowePrice
  • TDAmeritade
  • Vanguard
  • etrade
  • Scottrade
  • Schwab - you may have trouble getting to this site if you are using a VPN.

  • Comparison of Investment Brokers seems to be a reasonable comparison based on investor needs. Individual brokers descriptions and evaluations are concise with clear pros and cons.
  • Betterment - a program that helps you invest based on your stated goals. The service charges a monthly fee as well as other fees but is cheaper than human advisors.
  • Wealthfront - a program that helps you invest based on your stated goals. The service charges a monthly fee as well as other fees but is cheaper than human advisors.
  • 7 Robo-Advisors - a Forbes article looks at robo-advisors.
  • Best Robo-Advisors 2018 - according to Money/Time.
  • Boglehead's Lazy Portfolios - recommendations for simple portfolio structures for investors who want simple portfolio structures.
  • Set and Forget Portfolios is an article from the Lifehacker folks. It is a very nice intro to investing.
  • Standard & Poor's Investor Services
  • Investor Guide has a Q&A section, personal finance, tutorials, links, etc...
  • WeSeed This is a simulation of the stock market where you can buy and sell shares with fake money. It has real quotes, however, and real information on businesses. Good learning tool and maybe for research..
  • Hoover's has a pile of information on companies. Also has pretty good stock research, with a special section on IPO's. You can also search the Dow Jones Publications Library through this site for free.
  • Bonds, from the Bond Market Association, has good info on bonds and the bond market. Pretty good reading for the beginner.
  • Earnings Whispers gives a "whisper number" based on rumors and estimates.
  • Cyber Fraud has SEC info about avoiding investment scams.
  • National American Securities Administrators Association has tips on how to spot cons and avoid fraud.
  • Telemarketing Fraud Tips
  • Save Wealth has info on saving your money in categories like taxes, estate planning, retirement planning, etc.
  • Retirement Living TV is a companion site to the TV show. Lots of info on retirement, best places to live, financing, etc.
  • 12 Money Rules - good, general advice.
  • has rates on mortgages and loans from 11,000 banking institutions.
  • has rates on checking accounts, savings accounts, and CDs.
  • NerdWallet has very concise reviews of bank and credit union offerings.
  • MoneyRates has rates on checking accounts, savings accounts, and CDs.
  • Bank Rate Monitor4 outta 5 includes home mortgage rates, ATM rates, credit card rates, home equity, loans, tips, info on credit cards, etc. Very extensive.
  • MarketWatch has stock quotes and financial news. Their charts are very good and are customizable.
  • RagingBull has news that may affect stocks. Also has a lot of message boards including message boards for each stock - in case you want to talk about your money.
  • Brill's Mutual Fund Interactive has plenty of information on funds including info on managers.
  • Big Charts lets you create customized charts of stock activity.
  • Fortune magazine has a lot of useful and interesting material.
  • Get Rich Slowly
  • Mutual Fund Locator - sponsored by Money, you enter information that describes the kind of fund that you want and it finds it for you.
  • Stockpickr has data that helps you pick a stock. It collects advice from a number of sources.
  • Credit and Debt includes a bunch of information and links related to credit cards and debt management.
  • Investor Protection This is a nonprofit that provides information to investors with sections on learning and teaching about investing.
  • KickStarter is a forum for investing in small projects. Projects looking for money show what they are planning and you can invest in them to help them get started.
  • Free Stock Ticker HTML - for your very own Web site.
  • Investopedia - has definitions for terms used in investment literature as well as tutorials, news, quotes, etc.
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago: Econ in the Classroom - has economics lessons mostly around the workings of the Fed.
  • Corporation Wiki has all kinds of data on companies.
  • The Billfold has essays about money and how to use it.
  • Top Ten Excuses Investors Make
  • Annual Credit Report - free. You get one free annually.
  • CreditKarma You get one free credit report annually.
  • Personal Finance Subreddit - discussion group.
  • Investing Subreddit - discussion group.

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