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Last checked 10/1/2016

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  • 10 Fundamental Truths - when your memory needs to be refreshed.
  • Any Soldier Since you can't send stuff to troops without sending them to a specific person, this site has collected over 2000 contacts in all of the service branches. You select someone and send them stuff. They have suggestions for what to send as well as a prepackaged deal where all you have to do is pay for it and they will take care of the logistics.
  • Top Achievement has a quote of the day newsletter as well as a nice looking site dedicated to "personal achievement".
  • WhatHappensNow - is a site that offers very useful advice on what to do after some calamity befalls you. There is a nice section on preparing for life stage changes, theft, and natural disasters.
  • Mr. Mom has inspirational poems and stories.
  • Afterhours Inspirational Stories
  • The Hunger Site Donate food by clicking on their site. They have sponsors that will pay for the food each time you click - there is no charge to you.
  • Charity Dine You purchase gift certificates to restaurants (deep discounts) and the site donates a portion to a charity of your choice.
  • Heroic Stories
  • Reddit Quotes This is a discussion group that focuses on inspirational quotes.
  • Breast Cancer Site
  • Daily Donation Page takes the click-to-donate concept to the next level. It has a list of about 50 charities that you can check off. When you click on the 'donate' button, their sponsors donate money to each of the charities that you selected.
  • The Foundation for a Better Life has inpirational stories, articles, etc.
  • The Community focuses on a few causes.
  • Points of Light - volunteer service
  • WebFlyer Frequent Flyer Miles to Charity shows you how to donate your frequent flyer miles to charities that need them to transport clients for treatment.
  • United Air Lines FFM to Charity shows you how to donate your frequent flyer miles to charities that need them to transport clients for treatment.
  • NPR's 'I Believe' Essays Written by the public, this is a collection of essays that are part of an NPR project. Some funny, some inspiring, most are good reading.
  • Steve Pavlina has all kinds of advice on self development. Some of it is actually meaningful. Some of it is very moving.
  • Just Cause is a social network site for folks who want to join a cause.
  • 5 Web Sites That Help Increase Your Happiness
  • Wine to Water is an effort to use wine sales to fund wells and water filters for needy areas like Haiti, South Africa, and Peru.
  • Causes allows you to join with others to fund charities. Kind of like a Facebook for charities.
Charity Organizations


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