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Last checked 12/30/2018

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  • FiveThirtyEight has news and statistics related to the election.
  • Countable is a digest of current bills and presidential actions. The site makes it easy to find and contact your congress folks to voice your opinion.
  • Politifact fact checks the candidates' statements.
  • Fact Check has the facts behind the political smoke screens. Sponsored by the Annenberg Public Policy Center.
  • If you can't get to sleep at night, you might want to visit the Thomas Jefferson Project. This is an attempt by the U.S. Congress to make legislation available to the masses. It includes the full text of bills, 'hot' bills, summary and status of bills, etc.
  • GovTrack shows the status of federal legislation and information about your representative and senators in Congress.
  • ProPublica collects data on various issues such as nursing homes, nuclear safety, workers compensation, etc.
  • Open tracks money that is tied to political campaigns and politicians.
  • Follow the Money tells you who gave political contributions and how much.
  • BallotReady You put in your address and the site generates screens of candidates in your area. You select a candidate and the site tells you where the stand on various issues and the endorsements they might have received. Interesting idea but could be better.
  • 10 Must Follow Sites of the 2016 Presidential Election including a site that shows how much money each candidate has raised and another that reports on the degree of truth in the facts that the candidates are presenting.
  • Polling Report has latest poll information on a variety of issues and politicians.
  • Primary Election Process is a collection of 5 sites that help you understand the primary election process and results.
  • First Gov has links to all kinds of government related or sponsored sites.
  • Ben's Guide to Government, aimed at high schoolers, has explanations of the various branches of the government and election processes.
  • collection of links to governmental resources.
  • Public Information Resources - databases of state and county information including property values, owners, taxes, etc.
  • Project on Government Secrecy sponsored by the Federation of American Scientists.
  • Scorecard shows which counties are polluted. Enter your zipcode and get a rating on all kinds of pollutants and find out what the cancer risk is.
  • Where Does My Water Come From is sponsored by the EPA and tells you about the specific source and quality of the water you drink.
  • EPA Water Quality is supposed to give consumers a better idea of what is in their drinking water. Of course, the data are never as clear as the issue.
  • Environmental Working Group Tap Water Quality has stricter standards than the federal regulations that govern water quality. You can access their database by zip code and the results include the type of water filter that will address the specific contamination found in your local water.
  • Drought Monitor
  • Government Grants - one stop shopping if your looking for a grant.
  • FundRace - site tracks contributions to political campaigns and reports it by geographical area or by individual. You can see who on your block are contributors and how much they gave, if you really want to.
  • Environmental Working Group has information and guidance on water quality as well as food contaminants and other sources of toxicity in our daily lives.

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