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Entertainment Sites
Last checked 12/5/2003

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  • Moviefone4 outta 5 lets you search for a movie in your local geographical area.
  • Moviefone in Warrington lists the movies in Warrington Crossings.
  • Fandango lists the movies in Warrington Crossings.
  • Yahoo Movie Listings lists the movies in the area.
  • Showtimes Movie Listings lists the movies in the area.
  • MovieTickets allows you to buy tickets to shows at participating movie theaters. Pretty slick if you can figure it out.
  • MetaCritic gathers reviews of movies, DVD's, music, games, etc. , and consolidates them into a one stop source.
  • Reviews of DVD New Releases from the folks who brought us Rotten Tomatoes.
  • Reviews of DVD New Releases5 stars from MetaCritic. Simple listing of movies is easy to sort by critic or user ratings.
  • Movie Mistakes - small clips from movies, mostly continuity mistakes.
  • Yahoo's Movie Site4 outta 5 even includes local theatre listings - just give 'em your zip.
  • The Internet Movie Database5 stars has a search engine to help find info on movies. Gives a rating (votes by the public) and then gives a list of links to major reviews in the print media.
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  • Dark Horizons4 outta 5 has a lot of movie trailers (although some are very large files) for your viewing pleasure. The section on past movies includes synopsis, list of actors, and movie clips. There is a section for reviews of upcoming movies.
  • Break.com5 stars has a lot of movie and TV trailers as well as full length movies - for free.
  • Netflix Categories Apparently, Netflix categorizes their digital media in very specific ways that are coded with a number. This coding system is presented on this site so you can use it to search Netflix a little more specifically than what is normally supported on the Netflix site.
  • Instantwatcher shows the TV and movies that are trending on Netflix.
  • includes latest releases, downloadable out-takes and bloopers, color stills, etc.
  • has trailers for all of the latest releases.
  • Roger Ebert's Movie Reviews
  • Movie Sounds has short WAV files of phrases from many movies.
  • Rotten Tomatoes4 outta 5 collects reviews of current movies from all over the country into one place.
  • The Terror Trap is all about horror movies. Over 400 reviews of early movies.
  • Movie Review Query Engine is a searchable database of movie reviews.
  • Film Wise has some very interesting trivia questions - mostly visual.
  • How to Transfer DVD to PC
  • Stinking Badges - Stinking Badges tries to chronicle the entire 'badges' phenomena including the original film clip
  • Pixar See trailers and outtakes from the Pixar movies.
  • The Jimmy Stewart Museum of course has information associated with Mr. Stewart. Check out the virtual tour of the museum. (Are they still requiring a donation?)
  • 5 Ways to Find Something to Watch is an article by MakeUseOf. 5 sites that review what is being provided by the various media providers.
  • Decider has articles on what's new and interesting on streaming sources.
  • Yahoo TV gives a listing of TV programs in any area based on zip code and service provider.
  • iMDb gives a listing of TV programs in any area based on zip code and service provider.
  • 10 TV Guides Compared - kind of dated at this point in time.
  • TV Guide Video - is a collection of current episodes of TV shows that you can watch online.
  • - TV listings and more. An Internet TV guide.
  • InstantWatcher helps you find movies on Netflix.
  • allFlicks helps you find movies on Netflix.
  • Zap2It gives a listing of TV programs in any area based on zip code and service provider.
  • Can I Stream It You enter the TV show or video that you want to find and the site tells you where you can stream it or rent it online.
  • What Channels Are Available on Streaming Services (2017) This is a pretty good attempt at showing what media sources (channels) are available on the major streaming services like Hulu and YouTube.
  • JustWatch helps you find TV and movies that are streaming on the various services.
  • WhereToWatch tells you which streaming service has the movie that you want to see.
  • Cordcutters is a Reddit based forum where you can get all kinds of info on alternatives to pay TV.
  • How to Pick a Cord Cutting Plan is an article on a few web services that help you explore how to get your TV over the air rather than with a cable. You select the shows that you usually watch and the web site suggests appropriate streaming services.
  • TV Party4 outta 5 is all about what was on the TV in the past, like in the 60's and 70's. Clips, commercials, jingles, etc. This site will suck you in just like the TV does.
  • Audiences Unlimited "If you want tickets to see the filming of an episode of "Mad About You," "Cybill" or "Coach" episode, among many other show options, just choose a date. You will get directions sent with an e-mail confirmationof your request."
  • TV Guide The very famous TV Guide is now an excellent site that has a personalized zipcode version of the guide that is customized for you. You complete a simple profile and you can then skip the opening page and go right to your personal TV GUIDE. Of course, all of your selections are probably analyzed and sold. The web site also contains a powerful movie database. There is even a search facility for finding out when your favorite movie is playing on TV.
  • The Discovery Channel5 stars has a web page that contains companion information associated with their television programming.
  • Antenna Web shows which channels are available over the air. Also shows what kind of antenna is required to receive the channel over the air.
  • TVFool shows which channels are available over the air. Also shows what kind of antenna is required to receive the channel over the air.
  • DTV Maps shows which channels are available over the air. Also shows what kind of antenna is required to receive the channel over the air.
  • Biographies is a companion to A&E's TV series. It has a searchable collection of 15,000 biographies.
  • A&E
  • The History Channel
  • E! Online is the companion to the E! (Entertainment) TV channel.
  • TNT TV
  • CNN
  • ABC News
  • CBS
  • BBC
  • The Sci-Fi Channel
  • Home and Garden TV
  • Emmy Awards
  • CNN/Sports Illustrated
  • The Awful Truth is the companion to the TV series by Michael Moore. He talks about things that big money and government are doing that you don't want to necessarily hear.
  • TV Turnoff is an interesting treatise on why you should turn off your TV or learn to watch it 'actively'.
  • EPGuides are episode guides for TV shows.
  • Ads Find a TV ad by product or by show.
  • Blinkx TV - searches for stuff on TV - audio and video clips.
  • Myth Buster Episodes - short videos of the experiments by the wacky Myth Busters.
  • Penn and Teller - links to a handfull of videos of them doing their thing.
  • World Wide Internet TV - watch over 2000 channels of TV over the Internet.
  • Beeline TV - TV over the Internet.
  • Hulu - TV and movies streamed for free although you have to register to get some of the content.
  • CNet TV
  • TV Bistro - TV on your PC from all over the world.
  • Infectious Videos This is a collection of the short videos that your friends send that are weird or funny or strange or otherwise outrageous.
  • Streamick - TV on your PC from all over the world.
  • 4TV - TV on your PC from all over the world.
  • NBC TV - mostly current shows
  • Comcast Outage Check Check this site to see if Comcast is experiencing an outage when you aren't getting a signal.
  • Comcast Support Forum
  • HuffPost - news and gossip in the TV world from the folks at the Huffington Post.

  • Podcasts:

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