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Electronic Postcards
Last checked 11/1/2016

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Check out this warning about some ecards.

  • 10 Ecard Sites - 10 sites from the folks. These sites change so rapidly that a current top 10 list is useful.
  • CardMaster5 star - great photos, some animation, music. Excellent first stop.
  • 1001 Postcards4 out of 5 has a huge selection of cards, a few animations, and some unusual topics like you can send a weather forecast (Wish you were here. Get it?). Easy to navigate. Creativity is rampant on this site.
  • RiverSongs - has a collection of Flash cards that are animated and some are interactive.
  • Ladydi Postcards4 out of 5 - very BIG list of links to e-cards. Their listings indicate if a site has music and/or animation.
  • Regards - has a nice selection of pictures and has some multimedia cards.
  • 123Greetings has nice variety and an extensive collection. You have to hunt for the good ones.
  • Free Valentine Ecard Sites as reported in MakeUseOf.
  • BlackDog's Postcards
  • Stonecarver has e-cards with pictures of cement statuary. Music selections are pretty good.
  • CardSpot has e-cards. Nice selection of pictures and pre-authored sentiment - good art - no music.
  • Some Ecards - no animation or music but the cards are very creative and snarky.
  • Disney Greetings by Pansoph Post has nice photos of DisneyWorld.
  • All4Love allows you to send regular e-cards or ICQ cards. Has a few animations and music.
  • Care2 has simple animations. You have to register and sign-in to get music.
  • Blue Mountain
  • American Greetings
  • Free Postcards - another collection of links to ecard sites with short descriptions
  • Castle Mountains

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