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Computer Magazines and Tech News
Last checked 8/1/2016

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  • CNet
  • CNet 2 This is almost a duplicate of the above site. Mostly the same material but displayed in a different manner. Unclear why there are two sites.
  • PC World (Beware: This site uses so much scripting that any browser is challenged to reproduce the pages in a timely and coherent manner.)
  • PC Magazine
  • ZDNet Tech News
  • BetaNews has the latest news on software with a sidebar that has links to new releases and updates. The site is morphing into a general tech news site with less emphasis on software.
  • Tom's Hardware - tech news, software and hardware reviews, etc.
  • Ars Technica4 outta 5 If it's not a magazine, it should be. Excellent site - leans toward the geeky side.
  • ComputerWorld
  • InfoWorld
  • Information Week
  • IT Pro - for Windows and Microsoft users
  • Dr. Dobb's Journal - mostly software development - no updates since 2014
  • Datamation
  • Java World
  • Web Developer is a forum for developers
  • CIO - mile high view of computer tech

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