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Last checked 9/20/2014

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  • Intellichoice5 stars has prices, best overall values, used car valuation, comparisons, rebates, etc.
  • AutoByTel4 out of 5 has pricing information on new cars as well as a certified used car program which claims to find you a car in 72 hours. Site also includes financing, leasing, and insuring info.
  • Autopedia4 out of 5 has links to sites that help with all aspects of car buying including a site on tire reviews.
  • SaferCar allows you to enter a VIN and their database will show whether the vehicle or a used vehicle is at risk due to recall that has yet been completed.
  • - research, buy, blue book values, etc.
  • CarSense sells used cars - no haggle pricing.
  • AutoWeb lets you sell your used car, finds a new car for you, and lets you price options. Pricing is not very accurate according to press.
  • AutoBlog is a car-crazy blog.
  • Six Online Tools for Car Buyers collected by the Make Use Of folks.
  • driverTV helps you shop by showing you the entire car with interior and exterior virtual tours.
  • JD Power Car Ratings
  • Driverside - has various information on cars new and old including how much a repair should cost and car manuals.
  • Car Complaints is a collection of reports on car problems.
  • Car Gurus tries to help you find a car to buy. It has a lot of info on specific models that is helpful in a lot of other circumstances.
  • TrueDelta has an active user community that provides feedback on the cars they drive.
  • National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has info on safety problems, test results, etc. Includes a database on recalls and service bulletins for a user-specified car.
  • Car and Driver Magazine includes a car buyer's guide.
  • Motor Trend
  • Mid-Atlantic AAA
  • PartsVoice Car Parts helps you find a car part. Can search by part description.
  • CarClub is full of information on car purchases.
  • The Tire Rack has information on 'performance' tires.
  • - you enter your make and model and you can buy parts for your car (as well as accessories).
  • Drivers Drive is a collection of links to sites related to cars and driving.
  • CarPrices has reviews, comparisons, send for new car brochures, real-time comparable insurance quotes (Progressive), vehicle history checks (CarFax), etc. Prices have not been very accurate according to press.
  • All Volkswagen is all about Volkswagens.
  • Seat Check gives you the nearest location to have your child car seat checked to make sure it is installed properly.
  • 1010 Tires has reviews of tires.
  • CarTalk is two guys (Tom and Ray) having fun with car stuff. Includes RealAudio recordings of their radio show. The site also is home to the virtual "dope slap".
  • The Humble Mechanic - podcasts on car repair topics. Also, check him (Charles Sanville) on YouTube.
  • RepairPal tells you what specific repairs and auto services should cost.
  • EricTheCarGuy explains car issues with YouTube videos.
  • Car Junky Forum is a forum for a wide variety of issues related to cars.
  • How a Car Works is a whole bunch of short but informative articles (drawings and text) covering car maintenance and mechanics.
  • Chris Fixed This is the index site for the YouTube videos that Chris Fix publishes. Just about every aspect of car maintenance is covered.
  • Scotty Kilmer YouTube Channel This is a great collection of videos on car maintenance. Most of these are DIY, excellent fixes for common problems.
  • Autozone has a bunch of auto manuals online although the more recent models are missing.
  • Intellichoice5 stars has prices, best overall values, used car valuation, comparisons, rebates, etc.
  • Kelley's Blue Book4 out of 5 has car prices, new and old. You can find out the value of your used car. You can also get any available history on your car if you have the VIN. Rated pretty good in the press.
  • Edmund's Auto Buyer's Guides has price lists, reviews, lists...although prices have not been found to be very accurate by press.
  • CarSense sells used cars - no haggle pricing.
  • AutoWeb has specs on new cars, prices on used cars. You can search for used cars in its database. Pricing has been found to be inaccurate.
  • CarList also has specs on new cars and prices on used cars. Also, they have information on buying cars, monthly payment calculator, etc.
  • TrueCar gives you a good idea of what others are paying for a specific used car in your area although the site uses so many cookies that it is almost unuseable.
  • Carvana allows you to buy a certified used car online. They deliver it to you with a 7 day return policy.
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