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Last checked 4/1/2018

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  • Bird Songs of Northern New York good recordings, lousy pictures.
  • Bird Song List sponsored by the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, National Biological Service.
  • Bird Song Matching Game sponsored by the Virtual Birder.
  • Watching Birds With Our Ears
  • Bird Song Mnemonics, collected by Tomm Lorenzin, by bird or by sound.
  • Bird Sound Mnemonics is a list of bird call mnemonics to help make it easier to remember although it is not as handy as Tomm Lorenzin's list.
  • Birding CD's and Software is an impressive collection of links to sights that offer CD's or software related to birding. From the folks.
  • North American Bird Songs has a large list of bird sound recordings with a brief description of what was happening when the recording was made.
  • Bird Song Keys - what to listen for.
  • Bird Song Ear Training Guide
  • Nature Songs - digital recordings of North American bird songs
  • Bird Song Links is a collection of links to sites that specialize in birdsongs.
  • Bird Song Hero is an interactive training site that shows you how to associate the sounds a bird makes with a visual sonograph of the sound. It's supposed to help your memory.
  • Bird Song Hero Demo is a Cornell Labs YouTube presentation on bird songs with sonographic visualizations.
  • xeno-canto is a collaborative project to record and make available recordings of bird songs from all over the world. You can submit recordings for id.
  • Bird Song Skill allows you to ask Alexa/Google Home to play the songs of specific birds. It uses the xeno-canto site to respond.
  • Song Sleuth and Sun Bird are apps that ID birds by their songs using the device microphone. These are not free apps but are reasonably cheap.




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