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Audio Sites
Last checked 5/1/2016

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  • Slacker - Internet radio sponsored by AOL
  • ABC Radio Net where you can listen to the news updated every hour.
  • RadioLocator finds radio stations by zip. Radio-locator search results includes an indication of signal strength based on distance to selected zip code. Also finds radio stations on the Web.
  • ReelRadio is the Top 40 Radio Repository. "You can listen to bits of American Forces Vietnam Network from 1969, the Morning Zoo from 1985, Alan Freed from 1955--just amazing stuff, collected from all over the country from DJs and fans."
  • BRS Web Radio has links to live radio broadcasts over the Internet.
  • ESPN
  • 3WK has live, all day broadcast alternative music. Very alternative.
  • National Public Radio has music as well as news and talk shows.
  • Public Radio Fan has all kinds of information, including program guides and links, on public radio shows available over the Web.
  • Classical Webcast has only classical music.
  • RadioTower has short descriptions of stations and lists them in order by decreasing merit.
  • WebTalk Guys - Web talk radio show - listen to short presentations on topics related to the Web including reviews of sites.
  • Pandora - you enter a music group or artist and they suggest a bunch of songs that you can listen to as Internet radio.
  • Pitchfork - has reviews of albums and some free MP3's - interesting stuff usually.
  • Jazz lets you listen to a very nice collection of jazz tunes that have been arranged into a variety of categories.

  • Live Broadcasts from Local Stations:
    • WMMR has a live broadcast.
    • WRTI is a live broadcast of classical and jazz music from Temple University.
    • WMGK Magic is Philly's classic hits music station. You can hear the live broadcast with Media Player.
    • WHYY live broadcast.
    • VH1 At Work is a live broadcast of music.
    • WXPN live broadcast.

  • Winamp has a nice MP3 player.
  • Emusic has some free MP3 files but is mostly commercial.
  • MP3 - This is the home site of MP3 where you can get info about MP3 as well as recordings.
  • Yesterday USA has MP3 recordings of old TV shows.
  • MP3 Search will help you find MP3 music.
  • Epitonic has links to MP3 music, software, tips, etc. Site includes some free music.
  • Songza (now Google Play Music) lets you search for an artist or their music and then finds online MP3 streams that you can listen to or save.

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